Using the highest quality Metal, we can machine any variation of custom machined components according to the customer's required specification within tolerance limits. Capabilities Tolerances of up to ± 0.001, Bar capacity: from 2 3/8 inches diameter down to 3/16 diameter. Run size: specializing in low to medium volume runs from 500 to 50,000 pieces, but we have the capability for even larger runs. Custom inserts, knurled inserts, aluminum insters, steel inserts, standardized inserts, tapped brass, plumbing components,brass plumbing, brass electronics, brass valve fittings, bushings, pins, knobs, screws, valve components, deburring, milling, broaching, knurling, threading, cross hold drilling, brass nipples Parts can be produced. Finishes provided include: Plating, Cleaning, Patching, Polishing, Buffing, Coloring, and others.